Even easier access to our advanced digital payment solution.

We're proud to partner with some of the biggest travel technology providers.

We integrate our payment solution with our partners so that the hard work is done for you. If you are using our partners solutions, or thinking about it, then you will benefit from our partnership integration, meaning access to our payment platform is even easier.

We work with software suppliers, aggregators, online booking providers, and a range of other solution providers to enhance the services for online travel agents and those operating in the travel sector.


Modulr is our technology partner. Seamless integration between Pax2pay and Modulr’s payment-as-a-service API enables our flexible payment solution. Modulr's API provides access to real-time payment systems like Faster Payments in the UK and SEPA payments in Europe, as well as providing the electronic money accounts.

Paxport and PaxFaB

We are proud to be part of the Paxport Group family. Paxport is providing technology-based solutions for the travel industry to generate revenue, efficiency and flexibility. Part of the wide ranging products is PaxFab, a powerful platform for search, cost and book for travel agents. Our ability to directly integrate with this product creates a seamless find, book, and payment experience.

Ypsilon.net AG

Based in Frankfurt, Ypsilon.net is a leading technology and content provider for the travel industry, their applications used by thousands of customers worldwide. We are thrilled to provide our award-winning digital payment solution to their clients.


Based in Frankfurt, Germany, HitchHiker is one of the leading independent providers of software solutions for the global travel industry. Specialising in content aggregation, as well as online booking and ticketing solutions, it's able to offer its customers our advanced digital payment solution, providing another cost efficient and safe payment option.


Based in Venice, Italy, Netstorming is a travel technology company developing innovative software solutions for the travel sector. Their clients are offered our powerful digital payment solution, capable of delivering an improved payment experience through virtual cards, bank transfers, and advanced real-time monitoring and reporting.


Founded in 1998 in Barcelona, Voxel has 20 years’ experience developing technology solutions for large and small companies in the travel industry. All companies that are connected to baVel Pay’s Payment Manager will be able to use our digital payment solution.

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