Simplifying travel payments.

Our easy to use payment solution means you can get set up, and process payments in just a few simple steps.

Virtual cards

At the core of our solution, virtual cards are safe and secure.

Virtual cards function in principle the same way as a traditional physical credit or debit card. However, virtual cards come with added integrated security, as the card numbers are randomly generated and only exist for one specific transaction, or set of purchases, the risk of the card details being compromised are extremely low.

Plus with virtual cards you are protected from the risk of supplier default, should this happen you can claim any unused services back. As well as reducing your businesses foreign exchange exposure.

Virtual cards made easy

Our digital payment solution enables you to easily use virtual cards. We give you the ability to create single or multi-use cards, set spending limits, and freeze cards if required.

Whether you choose to integrate with our solution through our API, or use digital payments, creating and managing virtual cards has never been easier.

Virtual card travel payment flow

API integration

  • Easily integrated with booking channels
  • Automatically generates virtual cards for individual transactions in real time
  • Automatically captures additional data such as flight number, passenger names, destination
  • Added data makes reconciliation easy
  • No payment delay
  • Process payments 24x7
  • Automates manual processes

Digital payments

  • Create virtual cards as and when you need
  • Create virtual cards for individual transactions or for a spend limit
  • Ability to add in additional data for easier reconciliation
  • Easily update, manage or freeze virtual cards

Why is the travel industry moving to virtual cards?

Discover the benefits of virtual cards and why more and more businesses in the travel industry are moving towards using them.

Bank Transfers

Giving you a choice of payment options.

Our full digital payment solution gives you the choice of virtual cards or bank transfers. This gives you and your suppliers flexibility.

From your digital account easily and quickly make bank transfers whenever you need. You can instantly add funds to your account, and utilise Faster Payments for UK bank transfers, and superfast SEPA Instant for transfers across Europe.

Individual digital funding accounts

Your money, your account. Boost your business value.

Often payment service providers pool clients funding into one pot and allocate amounts within this. Uniquely, we give you individual funding accounts. A digital bank account in your name for the currencies you wish to use.

Digital banking allows you to fund this account instantly 24x7.

As the bank accounts are in your name, this means the value remains on your balance sheet. Boosting your businesses value.


Ensure all payment transactions are true, consistent, and up-to-date.

Effective reconciliation is critical to enabling travel businesses to uphold profitable relationships with their suppliers, identify customer purchase trends, and more.

Manual processes can compromise data integrity, accuracy, and are time and effort inefficient.

Utilising our digital payment solution with virtual payment cards eliminates the need for plastic, paper, or a physical card at any stage. Connected through our API, individual transactions are given a unique virtual card, enabling easy and automatic matching and a streamlined payment flow.

More detailed data and information comes back into our platform for easy reconciliation. See each transaction in detail, with its associated individual card ID and number, merchant details, and with our unique connection to the travel industry we can provide specialised data such as departure date, passenger name, and booking reference.

Reconciliation reports are available at your fingertips through our online portal 24/7.

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