One payment platform for all your industry suppliers.

Payments are essential to any travel business, but not all suppliers are the same. Different sectors have different requirements or data points that can complicate your payment ecosystem, and raise challenges when it comes to transparency and reconciliation.

Our platform has been developed to help you manage payments across different travel industry supplier sectors.


Efficiently pay for flights in real-time.

Our platform has been specifically developed for the travel sector, with flight bookings and payments part of our core functionality

Once your individual digital account has been funded, you can generate virtual cards across more than 11 currencies.

Integration through our safe and secure API means that virtual cards can be created instantly at the point of booking. Provide details to the airline in real-time, and be confident of global merchant acceptance with payment cards provided by Visa.

The solution is tailored to travel and airline payments. Automated payment transactions are enriched with specific data to enable simple and efficient reconciliation. Booking reference, passenger name, operator code and more are all seamlessly provided.

For manually created cards those key data fields are available to input so that all your transaction data can be easily reconciled.

Set card limits and freeze cards if required to give you total control over your virtual card payments.

Should you need to pay an airline via bank transfer, our solution gives you the flexibility to choose a payment method from within the one platform.


Payments for hotels and accomodation made easy.

Create a virtual card instantly on the day of hotel booking through our API, or generate a payment card manually and schedule an activation date.

Send the details through to the hotel, send securely by personalised email with all information including a card image.

By setting activation dates ensure the hotel takes payment only when the balance is due.

Easily match card numbers to booking references, data is captured automatically through our API connection, or by manually inputted data fields, reducing your admin effort and making reconciliation easy.

Should you need to pay for a hotel via bank transfer, our solution gives you the flexibility to choose a payment method from within the one platform.


Manage your advertising payments with ease.

Advertising is an essential cost for many travel agents and operators. Whether that’s on social media channels such as facebook, or running display or search campaigns on Google.

Our solution enables you to create multi-use virtual cards. Advertising payments can often be formed of multiple transactions, be that a daily spend or on conclusion of multiple campaigns, with our virtual cards you can simply set a spend limit and expiration date and rest easy knowing your advertising costs are covered.

You can use the same virtual card across different advertising platforms, or choose to create separate cards for each channel to monitor and reconcile with more ease and accuracy.

Our virtual cards are provided by Visa, so you can be confident of acceptance across your advertising platforms.

With our online portal you have total oversight of transactions and spend, and if required up the limit on cards, or even freeze them.

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