Flexible integration. API or digital payments.

We understand not every business is the same, that's why our advanced digital payment solution can be utilised in a number of ways. We offer API integration, as well as online access to our digital payment platform.

However you decide to use our payment platform, we always include our online portal for easy access and management.

Regardless of whether you choose to integrate through an API or use digital payments, we provide individual funding accounts created and held in your businesses name. Boosting your value, funds remain on your balance sheet, not sitting within any shared accounts.

API automation

Easily automate payment processing at scale.

Connection through our open and secure API enables you to automate payments in real-time. Our team will help connect your booking channels, and our system will automatically generate a virtual card for each transaction. Our advanced platform will pick up essential meta data, such as flight number and passenger names without any manual data input.

With this method there are no payment delays. The virtual card and payment are processed in real-time. The one to one relationship between the virtual card, and the essential meta data our system is able to provide, makes reconciliation easy and accurate.

Quick and easy with the Pax2pay API integration.

We use a REST API purpose built from the ground up to deliver safe and secure payment processing.

Digital payments

Make payments how and when you need.

We can set you up on our digital payment platform, allowing you to create virtual cards or make bank transfers whenever you need.

Instantly add funds to your digital account and utilise Faster Payments for UK bank transfers and superfast SEPA Instant for transfers across Europe.

You can create single use virtual cards for individual transactions, or multi use cards for a number of purchases, with control over spending limits and the ability to add in key data for easier reconciliation.

Our solution provides choice, choose between virtual cards or bank transfers. Flexibility for you, and your suppliers.

Online portal

24x7 access and visibility.

Our online customer portal gives you instant and easy access to your account. Quickly initiate and manage payments, approve or freeze virtual cards, and fund your digital accounts.

Our easy to use platform can be tailored to individual users, so you can only access what you need.

Set up and manage beneficiaries and suppliers for easy bank transfers.

Get total visibility of all your transactions 24x7, with a number of advanced reporting tools for easy and accurate reconciliation.


Advanced, data enriched reporting.

Connected through our API we can deliver enhanced, richer, and more detailed reporting.

Through our online portal easily run reconciliation, statement, and charge-back reports.

See each transaction in detail, with its associated individual card ID and number, merchant details, and with our unique connection to the travel industry we can provide specialised data such as departure date, passenger name, and booking reference.

With such detail available to match transactions to individual cards reconciliation becomes simple and easy.

For manually generated cards those key data fields are able to be inputted so that you still get the added data you need.

Easily run account statement reports across all your digital funding accounts for different currencies. Monitor current and available balances at any time with 24/7 access.

For handling claims our solution allows you to run charge-back claim reports to easily identify all eligible transactions.


We offer over 11 funding currencies that enable full local settlement.

  • £ - GBP

  • € - EUR

  • $ - USD

  • kr - SEK

  • zł - PLN

  • kr - NOK

  • ¥ - JPY

  • $ - HKD

  • kr - DKK

  • Kč - CZK

  • CHF - CHF


    As part of the Paxport family, our product seamlessly integrates with the PaxFab content and aggregation platform.

    PaxFab is a powerful search, cost, and book solution for the travel industry. It provides a wide range of travel content including flight, accommodation, packages, and ancillaries. Handling over 12 million searches per day it provides customers with confidence in the accuracy of pricing returned, and combined with its advanced PaxCache product it is capable of delivering accurate enriched data quickly.

    Accounts Payable

    Flexibility and control over your invoice payments.

    With our Accounts Payable solution, settling your invoices has never been simpler. Say goodbye to clunky and manual processes – with Pax2pay there is an easier, faster, and more secure way.

    By leveraging our Accounts Payable solution, you can settle your invoices with virtual cards or Bank Transfer.

    Simply select which option works for you and get going:


    Virtual cards

    Unlocking all the benefits of extra security and simpler reconciliation while converting payments that cost money, to payments that generate revenue.

    Whether you want to manually create cards to send to your supplier, or upload a file and batch send multiple cards to multiple suppliers – we’ve got you covered. Our platform is built to scale elastically, from 1 payment to 100,000’s simultaneously.


    Bank Transfer

    Keep all your payments in one place and leverage our in platform bank transfer capabilities. Whether you need Faster Payments (GBP) or SEPA instant (EUR), we’ve got you covered.


    Connect with Pax2pay.