What is a digital payment solution?

A digital payment, also known as an electronic payment, is the transfer of funds from one account to another through a digital mechanism. This includes payments made by bank transfers and virtual payment cards.

Our solution enables both these methods of digital payment.

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards function in principle the same way as a traditional physical credit or debit card. However, virtual cards come with added integrated security. Virtual cards are typically single use, or temporary, and being unique for that purchase or set of purchases makes the transaction highly secure and easy to reconcile.

Just like physical cards, virtual cards have a unique 16 digit card number that is generated through our platform.

What is an individual funding account?

Often payment service providers pool clients funding into one pot and allocate amounts within this. Uniquely, we give you a digital bank account in your name for the currencies you wish to use.

As the bank accounts are in your name, this means the value remains on your balance sheet. Boosting your business value.

How can a payment solution boost my revenue?

With our solution we reward customers through rebates. We share our revenue, the more transaction value put through our platform the greater the rebates, giving you a valuable additional revenue stream.

How do I start using a digital payment solution?

Getting started is easy. Just reach out to our team so we can understand your business requirements and how our solution can help.

How is a travel specific solution different?

The travel industry has it's own unique challenges. Pax2pay was created specifically for the travel sector, with our platform well connected we can provide specific transaction details, such as flight number, so that reconciliation becomes pain free.

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