Helping you use our payment solution

We have put together some pages to show some of Pax2pay’s available functions.

Card creation process

We have improved and streamlined the card creation process.

Invoice and hotel specific information

We now offer a range of data fields to add information to cards created, we have now added the option to choose a hotel or invoice specific set of fields

Securely email card details

We now provide the option to send a secure link directly by email to the supplier, allowing them to view the card details.

Card limit schedule

To maximize control of how cards are used, we've introduced the ability to set up a schedule. This allows you to increase or reduce a card spend limit, or freeze cards on future dates.

Batch payments

If you have a batch of cards to create and send by email to multiple suppliers, our new batch payment feature enables you to import a CSV file straight from your spreadsheet, review the data, and process to send cards using secure links via email.

Existing customer and need help?

If you are an existing customer and are having issues with our digital payment solution then please contact our support team.