1. Access batch payments

To access the batch payments function navigate to Cards and select Create batch payment.

2. Download template file

The format of the data for upload must be in the correct template. You can download a copy of a template file here, or by selecting See example csv file here from the batch payment home screen.

3. Complete template file

Complete the template with all the transactions you require. For each row, a virtual card will be created.

For the full list of data fields and requirements view the data fields section.

Important: The document must be saved in csv format for upload to the system.

4. Upload file

With your saved file in the correct template this can be uploaded to the system. Either drag and drop your file, or upload it by selecting it from the saved location.

5. Review errors

The system will identify any rows with errors.

You can select the row to find out the reason for the error:

You can still submit a file that contains errors, but only those rows that are error free will be processed.

If you are re-submitting a file you do not need to re-submit any transactions that were successful on first attempt, this will duplicate the transaction.

To submit the file simply select Submit.

6. Cards distributed

Upon submission your file will be processed. All error free rows will create a virtual card, and send a PCI secure link to the relevant email address provided in the upload file. This email will allow the supplier to access the details of the virtual card through a secure link.

You will see the status of the successful transactions as sent.

You will be able to download a receipt of the import, this will show the successful and unsuccessful transactions, and the transaction ID.

7. Reconciliation

The cards will have been created with the metadata provided in the file, and just as other cards you will be able to see this information on reports to make reconciliation easy.

Data fields

The template file has pre-defined data fields. Inputting incorrect data into a field can cause an error. Below is the full list of data fields and their data requirments:

reference This is for internal use only to help you identify transactions. This value is not used or imported into the system.

Value must be:

Currently you are able to bulk create virtual cards, we are working to expand this to further payment types.


This is the card type, and must be one of these types:

  • visa-b2b-vcn-travel
  • visa-business-prepaid
  • visa-corporate-debit
recipient Email address that will securely receive card details.
account The funding account ID.
currency Currency of transaction. This must be the same currency as the funding account.

This value must always be:

departureDate Date of flight.
supplierCode The supplier or operator code used to identify the airline. Can be any value.
supplierBookingReference A booking reference which can be any value.
leadPassengerName The name of the lead passenger.
agentBookingReference An agent reference which can be any value.
lapses The expiry date of the secure email link, after this date the supplier will not be able to view the card details.
message The message that will be used in the email with the secure link to the card details.
date Card activation date.
amount The value limit of the card.

Existing customer and need help?

If you are an existing customer and are having issues with our digital payment solution then please contact our support team.