To maximize control of how cards are used, we've introduced the ability to set up a schedule. This allows you to increase or reduce a card spend limit, or freeze cards on future dates.

This can either be a single change, or with multiple change dates, allowing you to step a cards limit over time, or set the limit to zero to freeze a card for a certain time frame.

You can add a payment schedule at the card creation view by selecting the + symbol next to the amount field:

Clicking the + symbol will open a schedule table. You can add as many schedule entries as you need, and remove any just as easily by selecting the - symbol next to the row:

Don't worry about the order in which you add rows, they will automatically be sorted into date order.

The usual card limits and approval processes apply to the sum of the scheduled limits.

You can also add a payment schedule to an existing card at the card details view:

Existing customer and need help?

If you are an existing customer and are having issues with our digital payment solution then please contact our support team.