We now provide the option to send a secure link directly by email to the supplier, allowing them to view the card details. This is particularly useful when suppliers need to create a telephone or mail order transaction (MOTO). Please note this feature is only available on request. Contact support to enable this feature for users.

Now at the card creation view, you will see a check box for the Send as email option. Selecting this will open additional fields for the email details:

Additional fields:

  • Email address - The recipient that will receive the email with a secure link to the card details.
  • Message - A short message that will appear in the email.
  • Link expiry - The last date the link to the card will work.

If the email option is selected, the designated recipient will receive an email with a secure link to the card details:

The link in the email will take the supplier to a web page with a link to view the card details:

Selecting the View card link will reveal the card details:

The card details will be visible for 2 minutes at a time. The link and the card can be revealed until the day after the email link expires.

Existing customer and need help?

If you are an existing customer and are having issues with our digital payment solution then please contact our support team.