Helping you use our payment solution

We have put together a few training videos to demonstrate some of Pax2pay’s available functions.

Existing customer and need help?

If you are an existing customer and are having issues with our digital payment solution then please contact our support team.

Introduction to Pax2pay

Pax2Pay is an advanced digital payments solution provider. In this video, you will get an introduction to Pax2pay and its functionality.

Setting up low balance email alerts

Learn how to create an email alert on a funding account to notify you when the balance hits a certain amount.

Transactions and reports

Gather your reconciliation and account statement reports in a simple and hassle-free way.

Create manual card within limit

How to create a manual card within amount limit for someone who has user-level access.

Create manual card outside limit

How to create a manual card outside amount limit for someone who has user-level access.

Pax2Pay support tickets in JIRA

If you are experiencing any issues with Pax2pay, this is how you create a ticket using the service desk portal.

Enable two factor authentication

How to enable two factor authentication.

Creating a bank transfer

How to transfer money between your funding accounts, and out of your funding accounts.

Creating a beneficiary

How to create a beneficiary to which you want to transfer funds to using the bank transfer functionality.

Find and amend

How to find and amend an existing booking with ancillary products and pay for them with a new virtual card.