We make travel sector payments easy.

With individual digital funding accounts, and a choice of payment methods, including virtual cards, join the hundreds of travel agencies, OTA’s, and travel businesses already enjoying our advanced digital payment solution.


Moving money and processing B2B payments is essential for any successful travel business. It needs to be simple, borderless, and reliable. Our solution is trusted to deliver frictionless payments.



Create virtual cards in over 11 currencies. Bank transfer lightning quick across UK and Europe.


Our customers have used our platform to settle millions of transactions.


We've settled billions of pounds worth of transactions.


We manage transactions taking place in over 35 countries world wide.

Figures correct at March 2022. Values calculated using Bank of England published exchange rates at 17/03/2022.

Partnerships for a better travel industry. Integration made even easier.

We're proud to partner with some of the biggest travel technology providers.

We integrate our payment solution with our partners so that the hard work is done for you.

Our partnership integrations mean access to our payment platform is even easier. Bringing together leading technology with our advanced digital payment solution.

You're in good company.

The travel sector payment specialist.

The Pax2pay digital payment solution has been developed specifically for the travel industry and it's challenges.

Our origins are in travel. We understand the complexities of the sector, working with tour operators, airlines, hotels, OTA's, and travel agents across multiple currencies to make payments easier, faster, and safer.

Virtual cards, and more.

Virtual cards are at the core of our solution. Our seamless API integration enables automatic frictionless payments, whilst our digital platform also gives you the ability to manually generate single or multi use virtual cards.

Safe and secure virtual payments.

By creating unique virtual cards for individual transactions, or a number of purchases, you can set spending limits. After the transactions have completed the virtual card is frozen and is no longer usable, providing greater security and convenience.

In the travel sector, often hundreds or even thousands of purchases are required in quick succession, with physical cards such activity can put the card at risk of decline, virtual cards remove this risk by creating a card per transaction, a one to one relationship for each purchase.

A unique card per transaction means enriched transaction data for easier, better reporting.

But we also provide a choice of payment methods, giving you and your suppliers flexibility.

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Travel payments easier, faster, and safer.

Virtual cards have many innovative features that create a safer, more convenient, and more controlled payment experience.

With Pax2pay, utilise all the advantages of virtual cards with the flexibility of our all-in-one payment solution.

How it works

Discover how our advanced digital payment solution works and how it can help your business.

Travel: An industry with unique challenges.

The world of travel payments can be complex, with a unique set of challenges. Our advanced digital payment solution seeks to address these challenges and revolutionise the world of travel payments.

We deliver individual accounts, real-time reconciliation and notifications, and flexibility, keeping suppliers happy and informed while giving your customers the choice they need.

Monitoring and oversight

Transparent oversight is crucial, but keeping track of multiple payments across a variety of currencies is challenging.

Multiple providers

Using multiple providers for different payment options can lead to inefficiencies in payment processing.

Increasing costs

When processing high volumes of transactions across multiple suppliers it is essential to find competitive rates on all the payment methods you accept. While reducing exposure to foreign exchange rates.

24x7 funding

Being able to fund your account instantly at any time, your customers need to be able to purchase when they want to.

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