Account Creation

Your accounts, your money. Generate accounts in your business name in local currencies

Illustration - Account Creation

Generate funding accounts in your business name in 11 currencies.

Your money, your accounts

All accounts are created in your business name meaning all funds remain on your balance sheet.

Minimise FX exposure

Create accounts in local currencies all across Europe to reduce your exposure to FX fees. Sending money further afield? Leverage our transparent 24/7 FX rates.

Optimise your cash flow

We only debit your account at authorisation meaning your funds stay on your balance sheet for longer.

Reconciliation made easy

Because we debit your card at authorisation, only the exact amount will be taken from your card. There’s no need to factor in price or FX fluctuations, and you won’t need to sweep cards for left over funds either.

Built to scale

We know that growing businesses have growing needs. That’s why with Pax2pay you can generate as many funding accounts as you need.
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Giving you and your clients flexibility and control

Create accounts in local currency and unlock access to new markets.

Receive funds in the local currency your clients want to pay to you in. and pay out in the currency that works best for you.

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