Virtual Card Issuing

Enhance your payment processes with Pax2pay’s virtual card solution

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Pay your suppliers instantly in their preferred local currency

Create single or multi-use cards

Whether you need to issue one or one thousand cards, you can do it in real-time via our API.

Unlock extra revenue

Earn a rebate on all payments you make with your virtual cards while minimising your exposure to FX fees.

Streamline reporting

Save time and effort on your reporting processes by linking individual cards to individual transactions and leveraging automation.

Boost payment acceptance

Thanks to our full suite of cards you can always find the right card type for your transaction.

Control all spending

Monitor spending, set spending limits, create new cards, and cancel existing ones with the touch of a button.

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Real-time reporting

It’s time to say goodbye to clunky processes and data mining headaches, and hello to automated reporting and actionable insights.

Whether you need to pull a report, file a chargeback statement, or find a specific payment, with Pax2pay the process is painless.

Our platform enables you to automate payment processes and reconciliation so that you can quickly turn insights into actions, and actions into progress.

Upgrade your payment processes.

transact in 35 countries around the world

virtual card type options

accepted by the top 12 airlines

funding and card currencies

Find out how Pax2pay can help your business.

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